Ryea and Sons

Chimneys and Fireplaces

We have many varieties of brick, block and stone chimneys and we can quickly determine the right combination of flue sizes and styles to suit your needs and your budget. Whether it’s a cost efficient block chimney for oil application or a decorative stone chimney with lifetime warranted stainless steel liner for wood application; we can help you. Our revolutionary patent pending prefab chimneys allow us to construct your genuine single or double flue brick chimney in one day, with minimal invasion to the home owner, all while giving you a superior product compared to built in place chimneys. Nothing will keep you feeling warm and cozy during the winter like the crackling of wood burning in your brick fireplace. Over the years we have constructed every possible style of fireplace from simple and efficient units to elaborate models with multiple fireboxes, built in appliances or even a rock climbing wall. We would love to show you an elusively known central fireplace called a Finnish Masonry Heaters. They have been used in Finland for centuries yet very few Mason’s possess the ability to construct these complex and technical heaters. We have been installing them for over 30 yrs. and can add luxurious features like a kitchen side bake oven, an internal stainless steel water jacket for your domestic hot water or a dumb waiter for your wood. All this and a 97% efficiency rating make this the economical, efficient and environmentally conscious way to heat your entire home.